Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Autumn sunshine

I woke a bit later than I meant to this morning.  When I looked out of my bedroom window there was the most fantastic tussle going on between the sun and the mist.  Of course, by the time I was dressed and downstairs that particular light show was gone, but I did have a quick scamper round the reserve in wonderful sunshine before my rather mundane day started.  That's where I found this young ?blackbird having a scoff of the hawthorn berries.  The messy juice round its beak and the lack of head feathers definitely had a teenage vibe!

What else happened?  My lovely fortnightly cleaner was here this morning, so while she was vacuuming I was washing up and putting on a clothes wash, etc, and just after she'd gone Simon arrived to put up the new kitchen and bathroom blinds.  So we're unusually smart and polished.  But by 4.30 the autumn sunshine had well and truly gone and I don't think will be back of a couple of days at least.  Ah well!

The only other thing of note was a really nice conversation with my stepson.  And quite soon I'll be cooking risotto for supper.

Happy Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning  xx

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