Lunch with EcoDad

Definitely the highlight of my day was a lunch time meeting with EcoDad on the settee in Soderberg. I hardly recognised him with his Covid hair. He was persuaded to allow it fall free from his all encompassing headband because as I said to him- if you have it, flaunt it! The waves and curls gave him the look of someone emulating a Cavalier of old.

We had a robust chat about every thing from work to the woke generation and the cancelling of people who hold a different view to oneself. Spending most of my time these days in the company of the elderly, it is interesting to hear the views of the younger generation and to realise that the world order that I grew up with is changing out of all recognition and what you believed in is no longer acceptable.

A late afternoon zoom call with a selected band of newly bereaved put my experience and feelings into perspective. To lose one’s partner from cancer during Covid is not to be wished on anyone, but it is happening.

And so a reflective end to another dreich day. Tomorrow is to be better.

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