By Veronica

Autumn plenty

We were short of food, so we went to the market and then the local producers' coop, pausing at the DIY shop on the way to buy some marine ply for my impending lockdown project ... I'm going to have another go at a mosaic tabletop, much more slowly this time. The piece of ply is alarmingly big ...

The market was again quiet, a far cry from its former bustling days. I'm starting to wonder how long it can survive. S bought some wild (Alaskan!) salmon from the fishmonger, so we had a a delicious lunch of salmon in cream with potatoes and leeks. And he bought a handful of outrageously expensive tellines (small clams, 24 euros a kilo!) that we'll have as a tapa later.

Later on, further seasonal activity: I went and collected pinecones for firelighting purposes, and S lit the fire.

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