By Veronica

Blowing in the wind

I'm just posting this as I'm trying really hard to blip every day despite near-lockdown conditions. I've been trying for a while to photograph wind, and I don't think this is successful, but it's a start.

A day at home and back to the lockdown food diary: I made one of my favourite soups with some butternut squash from the freezer, and we had it for lunch followed by mackerel fillets bought yesterday, baked with crispy potatoes. 

Come mid-afternoon I observed a certain peckishness (shared by both of us), so I made some cranberry and ginger scones and we had them with apricot jam, crème fraîche, and a pot of tea. I don't make them often enough to have the knack; they wouldn't have passed muster with Paul Hollywood appearance wise, but they were light and delicious. Speaking of GBBO, how come none of the bakers are capable of making acceptable brownies?

Dinner was chestnuts roasted on top of the woodburner.

Thing learned today: the wonderful Sarah Cooper used to work for Google developing Google Docs.

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