Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Feisty Forty

It had to be a Pine Siskin today.  The "finch forecast" for this winter predicted that these small finches would be on the move as their food sources further north are not great.  And sure enough, for the last few weeks, we've been seeing large numbers of pine siskins.  It' has been 8 or 9 years since that last big "irruption" of these fiery little birds so I am enjoying every minute of it.  I put some perches near the feeders and made sure I had maple trees in the background to provide a nice fall glow of yellow.  This little guy is perched on a stalk of native poke weed.

I am putting a side-view, showing the yellow wing markings, in Extra.

I had planned to take the kayak out today but Hubs needed me to give him a hand with some repairs to the RV so I've entertained myself in the yard in between helping him out.  Not exactly a big sacrifice with all the finch action.  The weather is glorious - one of those perfect fall days.

My final Monarch took off this morning.  He emerged two days ago but it's been too wet and cold for him to fly, so I opened the container this morning and let him decide when the time was right to go.  Luckily, I saw him take off which was a very nice cap to this year's Monarch Project.  Forty nine healthy monarchs released.  Two fatalities - one fell while pupating and one died in the chrysalis.  So, I'd call that a success.  

I'm meeting up with a couple of birder friends tomorow for a socially distant walk.  It's always nice to go out with people who are more experienced birders because I know I'll see more than if I went alone.  And, the company will be good, too.  

Stay safe.  Stay sane.  Be kind.  Less than 3 weeks until the Elections her e in the US.  Fingers crossed.  


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