By Irish59

It’s Official!

Mrs.P and I filled out our Absentee Ballots this morning and delivered them to the secured Ballot Box outside our Town Office, which is also where the Police and Fire Departments are located. Only the Town Clerk handles the ballots and a security camera monitors the area 24/7. We have high confidence our votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, will be processed accurately and timely. It’s our civic duty to vote no matter who is on the ballot. We encourage everyone in the US to do the same because it’s our responsibility. It matters. Your vote does make a difference. November 3 is coming • It’s been a lovely sunny and warm October day, perfect for grocery shopping and buying supplies for our three fat cats. Tonight Mrs.P wants to celebrate our votes with an alcoholic beverage. She didn’t have to ask me twice. I’m in! • Go Joe!

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