Life on the go

By BarryBadcock

Dirty Tricks

Dirty Tricks an Audible Recording. I have subscribed to Audible for over 10 years, even before it was part of Amazon. My main listening time was going to and from work, so about and hour a day. When I retired I stopped traveling on my own so much so it took me longer to finish a book, The monthly subscription allowed 1 download per month irrespective of the cost of the recorded book. I still managed to listen to one book per month. I have been through all the Terry Pratchett discworld novels, All the Ender Games books, All the Potter books read by the great Stephen Fry, Some Stephen King books, and loads more. Now fast forward to March 2020, lockdown happens and I stop travelling in the car so come September I realise that I have built up 6 credits. So I started looking for shorter novels. I could put my membership on hold, but that takes ‘effort’ :). I found this book by Stewart Copeland who used to be the Drummer of the group ‘Police’, one of my favourite bands. What I did not know was that he lived his early years in the middle east and was the son on an American who was in the CIA and part of the diplomatic corp. What Stewart Copeland did not know till much later after his Dad had died that he was ‘a Spy’. The book is about Stewart, his sister and brother looking into their dad’s career. The Audible book has been quite fascinating, looking at middle east history etc. I was out and about today going to Cambridge today visiting a friend and I was hoping to finish the book. No such luck, I arrived back home and still had 15 minutes left.  Next week maybe!!

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