By dfb24

Ready for Takeoff...

...and goodness knows there was more than enough wind for lift off! I ran to the park this morning to look for a blip, and fortunately got this gull, as I didn't stay long. I only had a windbreaker on & I was really cold with the wind off the lake blowing so hard. I left the park and went to the recycling center to drop off our garden debris, then a quick stop at the store. I did two loads of wash when I got home, and then my sister arrived with my "new" furniture for the sunroom. She'd offered me the chairs, table & bench that she'd bought for their sunroom in their old house, so I said I'd love to have the pieces. She brought the cushions along too, in case I'd like to have them. They had white covers on them, & when she opened the cover to show me the pattern on the cushions, the cushion colors  matched the sunporch perfectly, so we took the white covers off. As soon as she left I went for my haircut, and from there I drove over to my daughter's apt. so I could spend some time with my girls. I just got home a little while ago, and almost forgot I hadn't put my blip in. Happy Hump Day & thanks to Cailleach for WildWed.  :))

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