By dfb24

Natural Abstract...

...todays' theme for AbstractThursday, and thanks to Ingeborg for hosting this fun challenge. I took my camera along on my walk today so I could shoot things that appealed to me, and this was my favorite. It's (pretty obviously) needles on a pine tree, with no editing. It was a challenge to get as it was so windy & I'd put the macro lens on before I left, so I had to keep waiting for the wind to calm down a little in between gusts. Tom did something to the muscle in his right leg last week Friday, so hasn't been very active at all this week. I brought up my crutches for him to use--just had to make them taller--and that seems to help him get around a bit better, but it's slow going. He did something similar to his elbow in August, and it took several weeks to get better, but at least he could just not move his arm. Kind of hard to walk without moving your legs!  Hopefully it'll heal faster than the arm did.  :))

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