By dfb24

I shot...

...the bird watcher/photographer. Figuratively, not literally. LOL. Of all the many times I've gone to "my spot" up on the bluffs, never once has anyone else been there, so I was surprised to see him. He must have felt much the same, as once he realized I was there, he picked up his camera and left. I'd called out a "Hi", but he ignored me.... and me so friendly.....go figure. :))
We were up early this morning because Tom had a blood draw at 8:15. He needs another unit of blood & will get it at the hospital tomorrow--unit #16 since mid June. I brought him home, then went for my eye exam. What a rigmarole. I had instructions to park in their lot, call the number on the sign, give them my parking space number, & they'd send the tech out to bring me in. I followed the instructions to a "T", and guess what? No one answered the phone. So after about 50 rings I hung up and called again. This time I got a recorded message that said "most of your needs can be handled on our website" & to go online to contact them. I think not. So I asked Siri for their number, dialed it, and this time, success. The girl that answered the phone told me I'd called the main desk, and that I was supposed to call the number listed beneath my parking space number. I told her I'd already done that.....twice. So she apologized and said she'd send the tech out. The tech led me into an empty room to go through the covid questions and check my temp. Then she told me I had to remove my mask and put on a new one. I said "This IS a new one. I just took it out of the box that I have in the car"..........nope......I had to take it off and put on a DIFFERENT new one. Okay. Then I had to use hand sanitizer, so I pulled out my little bottle of sanitizer that I keep in my pocket. Nope, I couldn't use my own, I had to use their sanitizer, and I couldn't touch the pump--the tech squirted it into my hands. I said that I could have saved her some of her sanitizer, since the one I had was the same exact brand as the one she was using. She told me that their bottle was bigger, so the concentration was stronger........Say WHAT??? I just smiled, but I was thinking to myself that I was glad she wasn't doing my eye exam if she thought bottle size determined concentration!! Once I got in the actual exam room all was good; very nice ophthalmologist with a nice sense of humor & I don't need new glasses. Thank goodness, as I'd probably have been given BIGGER lenses.....just to make sure my vision was better than it would be with smaller lenses.  LOL. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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