Bent Gate

I went to the supermarket in Wetherby first thing - it opened at 7 a.m. - for a ‘big shop’. I had a couple of £5 printed vouchers to spend, which you can only do in store. I have recently updated my account details to request on-line vouchers in future so I won’t have to go to the store if I don’t want to.

After unloading I went straight out for a walk as it was nice and sunny. Completed 10K steps. This gate is on one of the lanes that I frequent.  Just out of shot on the left the gate has taken a big knock and is severely dented. This has caused a huge gap (15-20) cm between the gates and the latch no longer goes anywhere near the hole. Another one for my latch series!

In other news, Dominic Cummings has got away scot free with building residences on the family farm without planning permission and has avoided having to pay many thousands of pounds in back council taxes. It really is one rule for them ….

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