By PicturePoems

Sun Spots

Last night, as I was about to put out the light, I got a hint of my sight going wonky - the early warning system that a migraine's on its way. But as I was sleepy, and closing my eyes anyway, I ignored it, rolled over and slept. BIG mistake! I woke an hour later with a full-blown mega-migraine - complete with feelings of nausea. Took a couple of paracetamol, but they didn't touch it, so another hour on I took what I should have taken from the first sign: a migraleve tablet. After that I slept.

All day I've had the dull headache that follows a migraine, but I'm sure it'll be gone by tomorrow after a proper night's sleep. Meanwhile, I've been to the dentist and, at last, 7-and-a-half months after a front tooth breaking at the beginning of lockdown, I have a crown filling the gap and can safely grin again.

The weather has been as beautiful as yesterday. The bright morning light peeping through the edge of the kitchen door's venetian blind provided this natural abstract for this week's challenge, with thanks to host Ingeborg.

(After the dentist, I popped into the pharmacy and have stocked up with Migraleve. Shan't make that mistake again!)

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