By iaint


It has been another busy day. 

Work was interesting - I was at home all day. Some of the interesting stuff is not for repeating, but I did get two "thank you" emails from people I've done work for. This is almost unheard of. Two a year would be more normal. 

The car had to go for its annual check this morning. It is still there. A bit of the suspension needs replaced. At least I enjoyed the 30 minute walk home after I dropped it off. 

I arranged my flu vaccination. It took 40 minutes. Well, not quite. A 1 minute email from me to NHS Fife and then an email back 40 minutes later giving me an appointment. I have not bothered with the vaccination before, but this year is different.

I went on an online shopping spree for biscuits (Mull), fudge (Lewis), cheese (Mull), chocolate (Tiree) and wine (Georgia). 

Junior came in to collect his ice hockey kit, which has been stored here for 7 months. He has his first training session tonight, here in Kirkcaldy. No contact, obviously. No changing rooms either. 

One thing didn't get done. The library. Well, I still have a book to finish, so I will manage. 

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