By Missycat

Day 207 Which Tier are you in?

Today was busy for me, at least in lockdown terms.  I had lunch with my friend C and it was while were there that we learned that Essex and London have been put into Tier 2, with effect from Saturday.  Follow my link to learn more about these new UK restrictions. Effectively for us, it means that we can no longer socialise, with people who are outside our household, in any indoor setting, so today's lunch will be the last for a while.
This evening our friends L and G came for dinner after having another treatment session with Mr MC.  As my back has been so bad, they very kindly brought a wonderful ready prepared dinner with them.  It was delicious.  It will be the last time that we meet with them in this way for a while too.
Our abstract this week was supposed to be one which has minimal editing.  For me, leaving the image alone is the thing that I find the hardest, although today I did spend minimal time on it.  I took a phone picture of one of the pretty windows in the restaurant where we had lunch, then made three different versions of it in DeepArt Effects.  In Picasa I put the three images together to make a bigger window and just tweaked the colour a little.  I think it has rather an Art Nouveau look about it.
Many thanks to our regular AT host,  Ingeborg.

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