Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Walking backwards for Christmas

Song for the day, from the Goons

The hebe bush in my garden has refused to flower all summer - until a week ago, when it suddenly burst into mad pink fluff.  And this morning who should I see feasting off it but this wonderful pristine red admiral butterfly.  Only just out of the chysalis, I'd say, which means it may have a short and lonely life, but what with the warm sun and the blue sky and this little fella, it felt like the year was reversing and taking us back to summer.  Well, I can put up with that!

This isn't quite the first butterfly shot I've taken this year, but it is the first one from my garden.  Just as well, as I had no idea how I was going to cram in a blip.  We had the window cleaners round early this morning, a double bed arriving (in need of bolting together) and 2 single beds to remove.  Added to which I had to bus into town to pick up K's prescriptions.  I love the days when a shot just presents itself like this!

Happy midsummer Hallowe'en, dear blippies  xx

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