By Incredibish

Lee Bay High Tide Long Exposure

First in a few back blips, as I download and process several hundred images from a few days in Devon. So many shots and only one for each day... the others will inevitably end up on Flickr.

We love this part of the north Devon coast. I've blipped it many times before (eg here) and despite the immensely steep hills if I was to win a significant lottery prize (I would, I admit, have to buy a ticket at some stage) then I'd probably want a place here.

Over this break, more than at other times, I've been experimenting with long exposures - something I don't have a lot of practice at. I'm already unhappy with both the variable ND and fixed ND filters and their ability to stain up and gather dust within seconds of being cleaned. but hey, here's one.

It was an incoming almost high tide, so the rise and fall was only moderate although i did have to move the tripod back a few times. A slight touch of red filter has strangely enough brought out the blue sky!

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