Abstract Thursday ....

.... Natural Abstract.

What do you see when looking at this?  There are some hidden images if you look closely and open your mind up.  

If I thought yesterday was nice than today was even better!  Our temps reached into the mid 70's and there was plenty of sunshine.  I sat on the deck again ... only this time with just my own camera.  I took the newspaper out to read it while enjoying the sunshine but the breeze made reading a little difficult.  I really didn't mind.  

I took my camera around front when I went to check the mail hoping to see something for today's Abstract Thursday.  Our neighbor has a magnificently huge maple tree that sheds it's leaves this time of year. I love seeing them in all their autumnal glory.  This beauty was laying in the yard between our houses.  I sat on the ground so that the sun was behind the leaf and took a few shots.  It's not terribly abstract but I really liked the photo and there was very little post processing.

Later on we grabbed a take-out sandwich and headed to Jacobsburg State Park for a picnic.  It may be the last one for the season.  But then again ... perhaps not.

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