I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... good day for a collage.

The warm temperatures today had me sitting out on the deck enjoying the sunshine and the wildlife.  I sat out there twice today ... for about half an hour before lunch and then again in the afternoon.

Richard brought out the 600mm lens for me as it's much too heavy (especially attached to his camera and the tripod) for me to lug about. I'm sure I could manage but I wouldn't want to risk dropping it!  The steps up to the deck would be tricky.  

The wildlife rewarded me significantly!  The Blue Jay photos were taken with the 600mm lens and are full frame ... only a slight crop for proper resizing. I've also added an extra of another Blue Jay ... you can actually see down into his mouth!  Crazy cool!

After an early supper we went up to Plainfield Rail Trail to see the progress of the trail repair.  The stop sign was still up but no longer in the middle of the trail.  Since we are rebels (and wanted to know how the repair was going) we ignored the sign and walked down to see.   Well it took them two years but the repair was finally done!  The huge temporary fence was gone and the wooden fencing was replaced.  And the trail has been repaved.  Next time we are there I will be sure to blip the final repairs. 

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