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By TheHazylandBoys

Family Day

I had an amazing day with my sister and nephew today.

We went to the Forest Tower - you can read about it here.
It is a 45 meters tall tower situated in the middle of the woods. You can walk to the top of it and enjoy a stunning view. It is such an amazing experience. 

Before you started walking up, there were signs saying, that dogs usually didn't like going up in the tower. Neither my boys nor the pugs seemed worried though so we tried (there were lots of dogs doing it). My boys were fine undtil 35 meters. Then Gollum started to worry, so I let my sister and nephew go on and went back down with Gollum. He was fine again as soon as we turned around. Tango was happy and loved every minute of it. 

I waited at the bottom for my sister, nephew and the pugs. My sister said that the pugs had been fine until they were half way down, then Rona suddenly decided that she didn't want to do it anymore, but she was fine again, when my sister picked her up and carried her. 

So all in all a successful trip. We had coffee and enjoyed a lovely walk through the forest going back to the parking area. It took 2½ hours from we left the car and until we were back. A super experience - also for the dogs. 

We drove 30 mins to Køge Marina and Stacy's Diner, which is a replicate of an an old fashioned American Burger place from the 50's. It is a fun place and the food is nice too. They actually have an old American School Bus built into their walls! 2 of their walls are made of the bus and you can sit on the bus seats, when you eat! It is a fun place and the food is nice.

We finished with a walk by the harbour. 

A wonderful family day.

Happy weekend
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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