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Just another Friday

It didn't begin well. That early shopping trip ... I'd done ok, I was in the shop by 8am, though it seemed busier than usual and there were several people who seemed to have forgotten all about the social distancing malarkey. I had the usual moment of wanting to abandon my trolley and run away - this time it hit me as I rounded the foot of the aisle where the olive oil and the chutney live - but the most hackle-raising bit came as I had almost escaped. A tall man in his mid-60s, I'd say (masks don't help - I suspect most of us look younger in them) had been directed to the checkout I was just finishing with. I'd been loading an obscene amount of shopping into five bags for life, chatting to the check-out woman as I did so, and having finished turned to go back to the window to put my card in the machine, only to find the man - whom I recognised as the chief pusher-into-shelves from earlier - had emptied his messages onto the belt and was about to advance into the space I was about to occupy.

"I'm not done!" I said, in a relatively cheerful manner - whereupon he became most unpleasant, going on about how much time I was taking and how some people didn't have all day. I'm afraid I was very firm. He retreated, muttering. Adrenaline-fuelled rage (mine) isn't good on a pre-breakfast body, but I didn't let the side down. Grr.

Things calmed down a bit later. We went up to church to record some music for the online service; the photo of the graveyard comes from when Mr PB wanted to practise a bit on the organ and I went out into the sun to warm up. I love our church grounds - the extra photo is of the wonderful huge trees all around church and rectory.

I abandoned Himself later and went a walk with pal and pal's dogs up Glen Massan. The dogs, having sounded off like the hounds of hell when they first arrived, were relatively peaceful although their tendency to weave a cat's cradle with the two long leads meant I walked far further than usual to avoid being caught. They had a paddle in the burn and we explored a track I've always meant to try; it's a dead end but rather pretty. My FitBit tells me I've walked 11.65 kilometres today, which is over 7 miles, and my trainers are beginning to wear out...

Apparently the Dunoon area is busy with visitors from ... Liverpool. They visit the supermarket, my check-out lady told me. I do wish they wouldn't.

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