I spent much of the day repotting all my house plants that have spent the summer outdoors. Most of them grew so much over the summer that they needed larger pots. And I wanted to save a couple of begonias and geraniums to see if I could overwinter them. Then they all came inside! Now they're in what is formally a dining room but is really a sun room, and I use the very small round dining room table for jigsaw puzzles. It's a lovely place to sit in the winter. It has a large window that overlooks the back garden and the sun (when there is sun) streams in all afternoon. However, it is a disaster now, with plants everywhere. I need to rearrange. Perhaps I'll share a blip when I've finished!

So that was the day really...some botanical garden calls. We're ramping up our efforts to acquire land (100+ acres!) and have some amazing people involved. What a great distraction from...well...everything that's going on these days. Not even going to mention politics :-)

Happy Friday!

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