A Lovely Saturday!

It was supposed to be cloudy today...but it was a lovely day, especially this afternoon!

I worked on my dining room/sun room this morning and I think I've got it figured out. But some furniture has been displaced so need to move things in other rooms now....endless! I'll post a picture when it's done (and vacuumed!) if I can get a good shot!

A good friend of mine (she was my horticultural therapy intern several years ago which is how we met) came by my garden today. I wanted to dig up a bunch of plants that I didn't want anymore. She has created a marvelous healing garden where she works. It's a day program for people with developmental and behavioral disabilities and although they're unable to work with clients tomorrow, apparently starting Monday she can have one client at a time helping her in the garden. I try to support her work in any way I can. There's simply not enough people like her in the world...what a gift she is to her clients and their families.

We had a grand time catching up and digging out a bunch of plants. Fortunately she brought her sister's pick up truck, which was full by the time we finished. And now I have a lot of holes for new plants! I'm trying to make my big perennial border into more of a Mediterranean garden so we don't use so much water to irrigate. Probably have more to take out, but we made good progress. And had a blast catching up! What a great way to see friends! 

This zinnia, before I forget, is Lime Queen. She's really in her full glory now. I find that the zinnias always seem happiest just about now - not sure if it's the cooler nights or what. I love the details of this zinnia...the little yellow curlicues and feathery bits if you can seem them in the center of the flower. 

Happy Saturday!

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