The Plant Room

I spent a glorious afternoon with my grandchildren and co-grandmother...they all came over to my house. It's been a long time since they have..long story there for another day but all about Covid. But it was such a joy in particular to have my 7 year old granddaughter visit - all of her things are still here and she just reveled in being here. My almost 3 year old grandson ran around the garden with his shoes off, playing with the cat and anything else that caught his eye. Pure joy!

As promised, here's a photo of my dining room (not)/sun or plant room. We did a major remodel a few years ago and one of the things we did was add that big picture window that overlooks the back garden. The skinny windows are original to the house, which was built in 1973 in a neighborhood west of Portland (Blipper LoisBiz is my neighbor...and we met here on Blip!). You can spot a bit of the potting shed out the left hand window. These two sides of the house are surrounded by deck which makes for a lovely summer sitting place. But for winter...there's my chair (which swivels) and the tiny dining room table with a new jigsaw puzzle ready to go! 

Hope you've all had a marvelous weekend!

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