By Dakers

Six Feet Under

May prompt memories of an HBO series about The Fisher Family who ran a funeral home in Los Angeles.

The thumbnail of Today’s Blipfoto shows a downward pointing arrow and the inscription "6 FT".

The whole foto shows the view down the lightwell to a window which provides some daylight into "The Crypt".

The measurement of six feet is the difference from the stone kerb to the bottom of the well.

It is accessible by placing a ladder into position. At the base of each short side is an opening which provides a short tunnel along the wall of the building.

The "crypt" leads onto a series of stone ducts which branch out under the floor to provide warm air through vent grills.

The reality is it never did and the vents were blocked up many decades ago.

Garry, one of the joiners who worked on the project did explore the stone ducts. Crawling along on hands and knees he reported they were all smoothly finished in plaster. Of course, the further he went they gradually reduced in size, until he was stuck.

Of course, he could not turn round, and reversed out, effectively blind until he was back in the Crypt.

No one is buried in the building, although we did discover a mummified hare laid out underneath the position of the alter.

Slightly strange.

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