By Dakers

Possibly Chinese Porcelain

Another day guiding at Hill of Tarvit. A dreich day and quite busy apart from an hour’s lull when no visitors arrived at the door.

Our visitors today were very interested in the collection. The guides are all happy to answer questions and to give clear introductions and directions.

The Covid culture is very much in force with sanitiser and masks mandatory requirements.

Chinese Porcelain is a major collection in the House. A small example is today’s Blipfoto.

What can tell you about it? Actually nothing, because the collection number is on the base. A Blipfoto photo is worth 10,000 words.

The extra today’s show Hugh Sharp’s medals awarded for his military service in the 1914-1918 war. I could list them out but some military members of the Blipfoto community may be able to identify them.

If not, I will list them in a later posting.

The volunteers are a close nit group and are feeling the loss of Diana.

I gave an appropriate prayer quotation from Charles Dickens which of course applies to everyone on Earth.

"God bless us. Everyone."

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