By norfolkdoc

We're done!

The main reason we are "up north" and ArcLight and Mr A are "down south" was for a joint Civil Partnering.  We chose Berwick originally because Scotland have not yet got their act into gear in terms of allowing different sex Civil Partnership ceremonies, but Berwick upon Tweed is "almost Scotland".

When we planned this, back in Jan/Feb, we did not anticipate the devastating effect of Covid-19 on everyone's arrangements for this summer and autumn.  The plan was a low key ceremony followed by a nice party for everyone in Edinburgh. 

In the end, after postponing once, we decided to go ahead with the low key ceremony.  The party will have to wait till at least next year.

Both my daughters live in Sweden, and the complications of travel are such that we were keen they should not attempt to attend for what was such a low key ceremony that we were all sorted in just 20 minutes!  In the event, one of them was able, at very short notice, to get a flight.  Even so, her plans for the rest of the week have now been thrown into chaos by the upgrading of London to Tier 2.  The other daughter joined us by FaceTime.  And L came up from London.  After the brief, very low key legal ceremony we were joined by Munroist4113 and her husband for nibbles and bubbly on the walls.  We were so lucky with the weather!  See the extra for a slightly more formal shot.

As it got cold, L had to leave us to catch a train back to London, the rest of us chilled for a while before reconvening in the hotel dining room for another lovely meal.

All in all, a great day.

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