By Rosemarie55

The Tail End!

9°C  -  10 mph N Wind Speed  -  16 mph Gusts  -  Cloudy  -  Sunny Intervals.  This morning Mackies sent me an e-mail with my MOT video attached  -  fascinating, and certainly proof that something has to be renewed!!  Stood outside waiting for the Geese to fly over  -  they usually come between 10 am and noon.  As you see from my blip I only managed to get the tail-end☺   Am spending the rest of the day reading ‘The Hours’  -  only at page 75 so far and not sure what it’s all about. The book has sat on my shelf unread for years so it’s about time I had a read of it.  It’s very wordy; for instance, one description of a chair takes over 300 words!! 

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