An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

My first Haiku!

falling with raindrops
autumn's red leafy fingers
grip the sodden earth

I have written poems and short stories since I was a child but I have never been able to write a Haiku, and I have tried many, many times!  It's always eluded me.  Till now :-))  Yay!  An item ticked off my Covid-lockdown to-do list :-))

I made two friends smile today and that makes me happy.  Giving is definitely better than receiving. 

And I worked some more on my art commission.  It consists of 14 different paintings (small ones :-) with a theme.  I am working on the easiest ones at the moment and they are making me laugh.  The one I plan to paint tomorrow I sketched today and David laughed out loud when he saw it.  He also made a suggestion about the composition that is great so I shall tweak to accommodate.

David has completed the National Careers Service Questionnaire and the suggested careers include bi-lingual secretary (he only speaks English) a Royal Marines Officer (he's a lover not a fighter) a nanotechnologist (he has shaky hands!) a cake decorator (if they'd said cake eater I would understand it) football referee (hates football) a lifeguard (can swim a breadth) a non-destructive testing technician, a meat process worker, a textile dyeing technician...the list goes on.

He's very, very talented it would seem and reassuring to know we won't starve. 

Jeezus  *rolls eyes*


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