An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Happy as a happy thing...

This was Alan's reaction this afternoon when I told him two lovely ladies are visiting for a garden lunch on 31st October (please pray for dry weather! :-)   Can you tell he likes them?  lol!  

Today has disappeared in a blur.  

I had a late lunch because I had a lie in due to not getting into a proper sleep till I took a painkiller at 5.30am and politely asked David to go the  front bedroom so I could stretch out in the middle of the bed.  Worked a treat.  Achey hip joint relaxed and I conked out.

More art work this afternoon followed by the purchase of a non stick pan as it's white / cheese sauce season and I am fed up scrubbing stainless steel pans!  I know how to treat myself!  :-))

Phone conversation with Agnes.  We are missing getting together.  She's in the central belt so under even stricter lockdown that we are.  Hope that changes soon.  
Oh and following on from David's new career suggestions yesterday, I also completed the National Careers Service Assessment and apparently can look forward to a new career in any of the following positions:-
Dental hygienist 
Hotel room attendant (posh title for cleaner)
Carpet fitter
Tour Manager
Insurance loss adjuster
RSPA Inspector
Horse Groom

I'm going to be busy!

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