My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Back again

After last month's check up, one of the follow ups was a swallow test. A last minute phone call to tell us there was a cancellation and we were back up to Manchester again today. Still the same rules, obviously, so I had to drop Louisa and Owen at the entrance to go in while I killed time waiting for news.

Apparently he was having none of it with the barium drink. It took 4 people holding him down and syringing it into the back of his throat to get him to swallow. He spat most of it out but swallowed enough for them to have a decent look and see that his swallow is OK and that there's no twists or other problems further down.
He screamed and screamed, telling everyone how unhappy he was at what was going on...then he was given a teddy bear and everything was forgotten.

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