By lynnjones7186

A sign of the times

This Italian restaurant is normally full, we often had to wait for a table if we hadn't booked.  As you can see, it is now ticking over.  The food and service  is still excellent.  Also at the moment they are having a wine sale. We have ordered a few bottles which we will pick up next week.

The reason for my lack of blipping recently was due to the  battery in my tablet almost dying,  the tablet was getting hot whilst and I was using it and when I put it on a flat surface it wobbled, not good, so it was taken away for repair.  I purchased my tablet in Australia  and the official dealerships here say that the battery and internal parts are different to ones here.  However, There is a stall close by to us that repairs mobile phones and tablets and they seem to be able to access suitable replacement parts and batteries.   We have used them before.

Finally I am adding a back.

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