By JohnW

It Worked

Tonight I had an idea for cheese and potato pie that does not appear in any recipe  that I can find.  I was inspired by a recipe to put sliced raw potato under a leg of lamb when roasting, which I tried out under a couple of ‘Barnsley chops’ earlier in the week.
Both the pie (I use the word loosely as it did not have a crust this time) and the chops were a great success (in our household anyway).
Technical bits: 
Thinly slice potatoes about 3 or 4 mm thick.
Baste potato slices with (olive) oil and layer with cheese and thinly sliced onion between each layer until dish is full, finishing with a good layer of cheese on top.  Season each layer to taste.
Cooking (still under review) - 180 C with lid on until cooked through (took nearly an hour) then remove lid for about ten mins to brown the top.
Wine tips - something red and heavy, we must crack open a bottle next time. Silly not to this time, but it was Saturday I suppose . . .
Next time I will give it longer with the lid on at a lower temperature, then take the lid off and brown the crust/top for a few minutes at high temperature.  This could be a contender for the microwave in combi mode, finishing with the grill on.  Watch this space . . .

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