By ferryoons

Comedy at altitude

Flights of geese migrating southward aren't at all uncommon at this time of year. I never paid much attention to the individual calls till recently, just hearing a uniform, mass honking. But if you listen carefully to the individual voices, you realise there are plenty of pathetic wee squeaks in there. Try it for yourself.

But the comedy comes when the flock decides it's time to land. Usually an argument breaks out, with breakaway groups all shouting (or squeaking) at one another.

"This way!"  "No, this way!" "Don't be stupid, over here!" "Well you can go that way if you like, we're turning left!" And so on. Then there's much changing of mind, rejoining the main group, or maybe not. But you feel the actual process of landing sometimes takes as long as the flight from wherever they started. Or it feels that way.

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