A time for everything

By turnx3

Reflections in the Little Miami

Saturday October 17
A cool start to the day, so we let the temperatures warm up a bit before going cycling on the bike trail, heading north from Morrow. It was mainly sunny when we set about, but it gradually clouded over during our ride, but at least it stayed dry. Definitely an autumnal feel on the trail now, as much of it is now covered with orange/brown leaves, while much of the canopy is yellow and green. We passed the canoe rental place, where all the canoes and kayaks are stacked up on trailers and the ground until next Spring. We did however see one individual kayak out on the river. In the evening we watched an old movie on Amazon Prime, Seven Years in Tibet, from 1997, with Brad Pitt. I had heard it mentioned in some context on the radio, and it got me thinking, did we ever see that? So we started watching it, and quite quickly come to the conclusion we hadn’t seen it.

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