Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

HPB Lucker Hall.

We managed the 4 hour journey to Northumberland in good time and avoided the rain completely which was great. It just started to fall as we were finishing the unpacking. I’m hoping that the weather gives us at least some dry periods were we can go for walks along the coast and catch up with some birds. 

This is probably our last staycation of the year as if Dad’s operation is not postponed next week then we need to be around for my parents for sure. 

HPB Lucker Hall is one of the newer sites, only being open since 2016. Our first and only visit here so far was when the “Beast from the East” descended on the country in February 2017 and made our journey home quite treacherous. Hoping for better luck this time. 

The first reference to a Hall at Lucker dates back to 1316 when it was built by Simon de Lucker and then retained it for five generations until no heir was found and it passed to his uncle. It then passed on to various others until 1815 when it became a highly respectable boarding school. It was finally destroyed in a fire in 1987 and eventually bought by the HPB in 2009 when it was  in a ruinous state and fit only for demolition. It was developed into 44 holiday cottages with the original walled garden and dovecote being restored. It’s a lovely area and we are really looking forward to our week.  

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