A day in the life

By Shelling


I had a meeting with Eva at ten this morning so I set the alarm in case I would oversleep. The soles of my feet were tender but otherwise fine. After sitting on a chair for a while it's a bit hard to get up but that's all, remaining from yesterday.

Eva and me outlined the music/poetry program over some nice fika, cups of coffee, a sandwich and an apple pie. That feels great, then we can relax for a while and rehears for ourselves for a week.

We have a lovely autumn so far. Blazing sun during the day and ten-12 degrees warm but it gets very cold during the late afternoon and night. Still no frost but very close. My day has been spent without too much walking but I did my yoga this evening, it's been a few days without it and my body feels a bit stiff, maybe from yesterday. The blib indicates that it's time to fill up the supply of firewood indoors. This is my wood-basket that's followed me from the north of Sweden somewhere in the early nineties. 

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