A day in the life

By Shelling

Long walk

Maybe the longest walk I ever made, 20,3 km. I was worried not to make it because of having problems with a foot and I noticed already after four km that it was going to hurt a lot but after changing to a pair of thinner woollen socks, that I luckily brought with me just in case I needed them, I had almost no problem with the corn on my foot.  I must say though, that the last five km was a real struggle because the soles of my feet became so tender and tired I could feel every stone very clearly.

But, we had a gorgeous day in an extremely varied landscape varying from what you see in my main, a well kept village, flourishing in the 1920s, till wild ancient forest that more or less has taken care of itself from start with trees full of lichen, like in the first extra. We passed many lakes and streams, the second extra is a narrow strait half way through a long lake, called "Longlake" 'Långsjön. 

I don't think I'm interested in doing walks of over 15km if there aren't long breaks. We had four shorter coffee and food breaks along the way which was fine but the whole walk took us seven hours and darkness comes early this time of year. I'm now very tired in my legs and feet but we had a fantastic day the five of us 

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