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By Tigger101

Bit of an EB

Monday 19th October 2020           (backblip)

I had spent a while trying to get a 'reflection' image for Mono Monday ...... gave up in the end as nothing seemed to go right!

Instead you get Mr Sparrow perched on the fence ...... he was very close to the wall so his tail has disappeared! Couldn't move the wall so it will have to do!

Hubby is back to work today ....... as he doesn't need surgery the surgeon cleared him to return .... we have just been waiting for his doctors to receive the letter & clear him to return. Getting them to do that was a major tussle .... but he finally managed it!

Went to hang the quilt cover on the washing line this morning when the damn thing it snapped ...... thankfully most of the cover was on my shoulder so it didn't land on the ground! Tested the other line ..... seemed okay .... so I risked pegging it out! All was fine to begin with ... but as I went to fetch it in later the other line snapped & it ended up on the ground in a heap! Bummer! Thankfully the path was dry & the quilt cover also almost dry so it was none the worse!

Had a call from Eldest sister ..... Mum hasn't been to good for a few days .... after speaking to the doctor he told her to call an ambulance to get Mum checked out at the hospital!

They finally saw Mum after midnight (call from my sister at 00:50) ...... they had done blood tests & found her sodium levels were a bit low .... which could possibly explain the falls & confusion. They were then planning to do a scan ....... good luck to them with that .... last time they tried that with Mum she just refused & climbed off the table!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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