a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Hard ... to hit

Tiny Tuesday: hard ... to hit

... at least without damaging bits of your anatomy that is!  The nails or pins as they might also be called are just 7mm long and 1 mm wide, and the one that is in focus is sitting on the end of my finger tip for the purposes of scale.

Along with a wide variety of other bits and pieces, these tiny little brass pins were in Dad's "hardware storage system". My brother Brentastic knows what I am referring to here.  In this case they were kept in one of those tiny glass jam jars, the sort that you get on breakfast tables in hotels.  Not that breakfast tables in hotels have been much of a feature in our lives since the arrival of Coronavirus.

Next to the nails you can see the head of Dad's 99 gram or 3.5 oz picture framing hammer.  As hammers go its a really small one, and it dwarfs those nails.

I struggle to think what anyone would every use these nails for nowadays.  I must ask Dad what their original purpose was when I Skype him next.  I would assume that for most things that might require them, some form of adhesive solution would be considerably easier to use in practice.  Still, they've been worth keeping - they've given me an easy Tiny Tuesday blip on a wet and windy day when outdoor blipping was not that inviting :-)

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