By boxoffrogs

finished decoupage

Table from a couple of days ago painted, decoupaged and varnished. Dropped it off at lunchtime along with some school uniforms and new shoes a friend had donated.
Went to the warehouse where a lot of the furniture and goods are dropped off and a lot are renovated. One of the men who does a lot of the furniture and is probably in his sixties was telling me about his life, he used to work in a bistro and spent a lot of his spare time fishing. He is so good at renovating the furniture. He lives at the homeless charity building where they have the shop for food, school uniforms and furniture and clothes etc. They have 24 bedrooms there and a large lounge with tv and snooker table and lots of games.
As they are thinking of going to an Antique fair and selling some of the items that have been donated I took in a few bits that I had plus a Millers antique book which gives prices things might  bring. One of the men who works in the shop and also lives there had seemed  very interested and quite knowledgeable about items that had been collected, so I thought he might be the right person to help price things. He is in his mid thirties or just a little older I think. He took me to show me his room/ bedroom and things of his own. He had lots of old radios and gramaphones and some art deco furnitue and a few Art Deco style clocks. He also had a vintage piano. He lifted the lid and started playing and honestly it moved me to tears. He says he is rusty and needs someone to help him practice his piano scales. Be grateful for what you have, it makes me look at things differently.

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