Well, here it is; finally -1000 blips!

Has it been easy? No.
Have I enjoyed it? Absolutely.

I was looking through some old snaps for inspiration. I found it in the old snaps! :)

It's interesting how my blip experience has evolved since I dropped that first image a little over three years ago. At first I was diligent, and like many of you, obsessive about finding that one shot for the day. The one image that rose above the rest to show where I was, what I was feeling, or what I wanted to share of my small spot on this big planet. I dreaded the gap, but soon found, for me anyway, that they were inevitable.

Over time, it simply became more of a daily diary as to what we were up to on a particular day. Lately, life has picked up speed; something I've thought we had maxed out many times before. I haven't had the time to post as regularly as I'd like. But, I'm ok with that. As time permits, I catch up the journal as best I can, promise myself to be more timely, and then, back in the fast lane, I fall behind again. I love it all. My time with my family is irreplaceable. I still take way too many photo's & post (and print) too few. But, time with my girls will pass and grow shorter as they move on to other things. My images will remain, as will the smiles, the tears, and all the memories they capture. That's one of the things I love about blip. In a small way, from all around the world, we are all very much alike. I love finding new journals to look at, seeing some come back from long vacations with new vigor, and wondering why some fall off and disappear. I still marvel at the talent that so many of you possess.

I've struggled lately with the quality of the shots I've taken. My little point and shoot has seen better days, and the iPhone, being always in my pocket, has taken over as the daily image gatherer. It's fine for Facebook and Instagram; but while things often look good on the phone, in the moment, they don't always hold up later in the day (or in my case, the next day) on the computer and under closer scrutiny. Unfortunately, new cameras ain't cheap. I'm working on talking myself into it. It may take a little time but I'll get there. ;)

Thanks to all of you who stop by to look and comment. Each word and tick of the view's counter means more than you know. Thanks, for all you've taught me about the photographic process (or lack thereof!). And, thanks for sharing your pics and posts with me.

And finally, a big thanks to Joe and all at blip central for all the hard work they do to keep this place what it is. I hope it's still fun for you.

Cheers, friends.
Peace to all.


OK - If you've made it this far, and you've never been to my humble little journal before, here are a few of my faves from past.

The Wall Of Lego People
Motown 300
Pool Fun 1
Pool Fun 2
Rift Store
Lighthouse Flyby

I promise, I'm done now.

I think.


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