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By Diane2104

Lindisfarne Kestrel #82

This morning we looked out of the window and saw it was dry and bright and decided it was the right day to go to Lindisfarne, Holy Island. How wrong we were!
By the time we had arrived it had started to rain lightly. Thinking that it would stop soon, we plodded on from the car park, behind the priory onto the beach and then out towards the harbour and finally ended up at the castle itself. Of course we already knew that it would not be open due to COVID-19, but as it was still raining when we arrived, we took shelter on the far side of the castle for a few minutes hoping it would stop so we could continue further on with our walk. Whilst we were sheltering, we saw a kestrel fly up towards the castle walls and then she sat perched on this ledge for a while, so I got my camera out and took a few shots.
The rain didn't stop, it got worse and as the wind was quite strong we were started to feel cold and wet, so called it a day and headed back. We ate our packed lunch in the car before driving back home. Of course, no sooner had we arrived home, it stopped raining, but we were not in the mood to go out again today.  Maybe we will get chance to go again before we leave, but don't really fancy it at the weekend with all the crowds - it might have to wait until we are back in March. 
There are a couple of shots of the castle and old boats huts in extras if you have time to take a look. 

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