By JohnW

Another Repair Job

Earlier this year our (expensive) led aquarium lights finally gave up the ghost, and I replaced them with two strips of outdoor led lights which should have done the job.
Unfortunately the aquarium is indoors,  -:) , so they gradually failed leaving just a couple of lights almost lit, and one strip out altogether.
This time proper submersible aquarium led lights showed up on our search, and at a comparatively reasonable price as well. So that got installed today, and the strips stripped out.
One strip was obviously completely (just settle for broken?!), but the other looked fine except at one end, so I ventured to find out what the problem was.   Suspecting a short circuit I cut the bad end off, but that made no difference so I cut it towards the middle, but that didn’t work either.  Then I realised/found the live/positive wire was broken - doh . . . !
So a double repair/recover job was in hand.  One to repair the broken wire, the other to solder the connector from the written off strip to the other half of the good strip so that the redundant controller can be used.
The irony of my blip is I got next week MonoMonday muddled with this weeks Abstract Thursday and wound up with a load of out-of-focus shots of the repair job.  Never mind, next week’s AT is not that far off.  Anyway, this one can add to next month’s Photographic Group entries.

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