By Colstro


One of those irritating, frustrating days.

I downloaded the new version of Photoshop (22.0.0) yesterday, since when I have been trying to get it to work.  It wouldn't open any image files, and wouldn't close.  Looking at the Adobe Community Forum, it is clear that this is a widespread problem.  It is basically because my graphics card is rather old, and Adobe don't support any cards more than 5 years old.  I could get the software to work by turning off its use of the graphics card, but then I lose some of the functionality.  It seems the only solution is to upgrade the graphics card, but that assumes I can find a modern card compatible with my motherboard and power supply.  I have to wonder whether it is worth spending that money on a 9 year old computer but, on the other hand, the computer is otherwise still working very well (it was very high spec when I bought it) and I don't want to spend money on a new computer.

For the moment I shall continue to use the previous generation of Photoshop (21.2.4), but even that is not fully compatible with my graphics card and Adobe have chosen to remove the option to revert to a previous version.  Not helpful.

Then, when I went to photograph the lilies which became the subject of today's blip, I discovered that the top disk of the Mode dial on my camera  was missing.  This is the disk which sits on the top of the mode dial and has the markings on it to show which mode you have selected.  It must have fallen out at some stage yesterday when we were at Burnham Beeches.  The dial still works, of course, but I have to guess - or try and work out - which mode I am set to and how far to turn the knob to move to a different mode.  No doubt Canon would be pleased to charge me a fortune to repair it.

At least the weather has been a lot kinder today, to the point where we sat out in the garden this afternoon with our cup of tea, enjoying the sun and relative warmth.

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