Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

What a difference!

I have also backblipped yesterday's Well watered! .... hope you will have a look :-)

A much better day ...... the sun is shining ...... there is a lovely blue sky with just a few fluffy clouds :-)

Did some washing .... but cannot hang it out as I still have no washing line ..... trying to find a decent replacement is like hunting for gold!

As it has been so lovely I couldn't resist blipping this beautiful sky ...... a reminder of what it can be!

Something to look back on when it is grey & wet again .... as I'm sure it will be!

Hubby had a call from the Physio department at the local hospital today ...... to arrange a ?telephone? appointment for his physio! 

That's a neat trick .... who knew that physio could be done over the phone?! Hopefully though actual face to face physio will follow!

His phone appointment is for November 18th ..... a long time to wait while he is still in a lot of pain! No idea how long the wait will be afterwards either!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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