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Abstract Thursday (Thursday 22nd October 2020)

While I've been refitting the loft, as it was completely emptied recently, and going through lots of old jotter pads and collected memorabilia I have rediscovered some exercise books that I used as jotter pads when I was at art school and art college in the sixties/seventies. They may well provide a series of future blips.
At some point we (first year students of Sutton Coldfield School Of Art) went on location to an industrial factory in the Nechells district of Birmingham for an art project. This sketch was made on 26 June 1968 from an earlier abstracted on-site sketch of some extruded tubular pipes and was later made into a more complex painting that I no longer have.

With thanks to Ingeborg for Abstract Thursday and this week's theme of Distortion.

22.10.2020 (1807 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Spencer Davis Group - She Put The Hurt On Me (1965)
R.I.P. Spencer Davis (17 July 1939, Swansea - 19 October 2020, Los Angeles CA)
The Spencer Davis Group were a local group to me, and in fact Spencer Davis was actually on my paper round in Sutton Coldfield. Although Welsh he had moved to Birmingham in 1960 to read German at the University of Birmingham, and quickly begun a relationship with Christine Perfect (later of Fleetwood Mac) and formed the Spencer Davis Group. As one of the band was Stevie Winwood he didn't do too many lead vocals, limiting himself to guitar, harmonica and songwriting, but he did sing lead on a few songs including this one, which I had on an EP called You Put The Hurt On Me. The song was originally by Prince La-La, the stage name of Lawrence Nelson, in 1961 and was also recorded by Otis Redding.

One year ago:
Calne (Wasp)

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