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Wichelstowe (Friday 22nd October 2021)

In 2014 a new Waitrose was opened on the banks of the disused Wilts and Berks Canal on the outskirts of Swindon at Wichelstowe, and later a bar/restaurant called Hall and Woodhouse opened on the opposite side, amidst a building site of future developments. I had visited it several times since then; the last time was in January 2020.

The first thing I noticed as I crossed this footbridge was that new buildings had now appeared in every direction, seemingly as far as the eye could see. I explored along the towpaths in both directions as well as inspecting Hall and Woodhouse before going into Waitrose with another £6 voucher. This time, however, I couldn't find what I wanted and left with voucher intact.

On my way home I detoured to another watered stretch of the Wilts and Berks Canal, and parked at Chaddington Lane road bridge, where I quickly found the resident swan pair and got some shots (one in Extras). This is the other end of the stretch that I sometimes visit from Templars Firs. A bird watcher came to show me the site that a local kingfisher visits each day and recounted tales of all the great wildlife he and his partner had seen at this spot, including stoats and weasels.

Saturday 23.10.2021 (1620 hr)

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