By SeaGypsy49

Our road.

Once again, thanks to everyone for their comments about yesterdays blip. Sorry, I am having to catch up on the things that haven't got done while I have got addicted to Blipfoto, so I apologise as I most likely wont get to reply to everyone's comments as they are made. (until I catch up) But just got to put my blip up.
This morning was very different from yesterday. Dull & grey and quite chilly (have to confess the Merino camisole got found and put on this morning.)
Had a total mental blank as to what to blip, so finally went out into the garden & up the road looking for inspiration. Tried the red fushias that grow like weeds, (colours awful), then the Chinese Lantern flower, (that didn't work out) moss on the roadside, (so -so). Took a photo of the road, and it looked ok, got the punga tree on the side of the road, and the road markers where the road has slumped by the culvert.
When I had gone to pick up the Other Half this afternoon, I was approaching this corner and saw a glimpse of something, so stopped, and pulled right over onto the side of the road. Good thing I did, as a big 4WD came around the corner on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!!! Splutter.... & lots of naughty words.
Anyway, this is a little bit of our road, to get to Havelock on, which is 82 km away. It takes 2 hours to drive to Havelock, but our navigation system tells me it will be 4 hours & 4 minutes. I just used it to look up how many km it is, as we always talk about how long it will take to drive, not how far it is. Another time it told me that it would take 6 hours! There is only 17 kms of gravel and the rest is tar-seal. To some of you, it might not look very good, but it a "time out" for me, to drive out to town. The phone doesn't ring, and I don't have to do several jobs at once. Just drive. (& watch for photos for Blips, of course)

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