....their best.  
Peonies are brilliant - this little group of blooms (or part thereof) were rescued as tight buds from the garden twelve days ago.  They had become heavy, combined with the wind had drooped right down to the ground.  I bought them inside and hoped for the best.  And best I got, gradually with the warmth they opened to magnificent blooms.  All but the one on the left opened.  But this morning two of the blooms had shed most of their petals, some on the floor, some on the sideboard.  
I photographed them as is, added a texture and some smudging for what you see now.
Spent a couple of hours in the garden this morning, edges trimmed, some watering and weeding.  Doug mowed some of the lawns.  Gosh, it is critically dry though.

Happy and safe weekend everyone.  We here in NZ have a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday.


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