Every Little Step

By moonfairy


She's quite happy eating an ice lolly and hitting a ball at the same time!

I was asked today by Isabella's Kindy teacher, if she spoke in sentences at home!!!!  This is a child who never stops talking from morning till night.  And not only does she speak in sentences, she can speak in chapters.

Apparently, she's playing with a group of girls who don't talk very much.  So, she isn't, whilst she's there.  That probably explains why she never stops talking when she comes home.

Meantime, Mia, (who can also speak in sentences!) said to Grandpa today,  whilst playing with her fairy carriage  'Why are there no seat belts in the carriage.'  'Fairies don't need seat belts,' he replied.

Hope that's the right answer!

Another conversation -

My house is boring.

Is it?

Yes, your house isn't boring.

Why's that?

You've got more toys.

I don't think so, I've just got different toys.


And with that she went back to playing.

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